Body art

Top Five Most Common Forms of Body Art

Body art is an old practice in different tribes and communities and has evolved to a great extent through times. In ancient Egypt, the highest sector of people often covered their body with gold dust as a symbol of wealth and prosperity. Today people use different body art forms for fun, occasions, and sometimes for representing their ideas. Here are the most common forms of body art that you can witness in all parts of the world.



Tattoos are one of the most common forms of body arts that you can find anywhere. Each place even has their own styles and techniques to make tattoos which can be permanent or temporary based on what a person desires. It is a very practical and safe method which requires inserting indelible ink into the dermis layer of the skin to change the pigment. It can be a little painful for those who are making their first tattoo, but the latest tools and natural inks are quite harmless and safe to use. People make permanent tattoos only to represent an idea or belief as they are permanent. But, sometimes people make tattoos for fun or to keep a memory too.


Henna or Mehendi is another form of body art which can last longer than temporary tattoos. It is a popular art form in Arabian countries as well as in India and is used for decorating hands and feet during special occasions. It is a paste made from the “Henna” plant which leaves a red, orange, or black colour on the applied part of the body after getting dried up. You can find henna applied by women during weddings and festivals.

Nait Art

Formerly known as nail painting, nail art has evolved from being just a one-colour applied on nails to creating attractive designs on the nails. This is one of the most common forms of body art among women. One can also decorate their nails with small studs which are made especially for nails, such as stones, sparkles, feathers, glitters, etc. You can also find artificial nails to make your hands look even better during special occasions. You can do nail art on your own or can go to a nice salon to get your nails done.


Body Paint

It is a temporary body art form which requires paints and our own bodies as the canvas to paint almost anything. You can use any colour, sparkles, and glitters to paint your body parts or face. Nowadays you can find different body and face paints which are not harmful to your skin and can even glow in the dark. A type of fluorescent paint is available to paint your bodies for performances as well as for creating art pieces.

Air Brush

Air Brushing is similar to body painting artform. In this case, the ink or paint is sprayed over the skin by an artist. This can be done using stencils to create more complex and creative designs. Air Brushing can make the art look like a real tattoo, but it is temporary and will fade away with a couple of washes. If you want a less painful way than tattoos to decorate your body, you can go for the airbrush method.

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